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Discover the secret to lasting financial stability
during your time away from work

Prep for the expected unexpected

How to take time off in your business without it blowing up.


In this training, we'll go over


What GROW, SEND and AUTOMATE mean in your ConvertKit account and how to set up each section to work for you.


Creating an opt-in form and a welcome sequence and then connect these together so your newest community member feels seen and knows what you offer and how to easily get in touch


The benefits of using a welcome sequence to introduce yourself and products to your newest community member.


My favourite strategies and resources to setting your email list up for success so it’s not a set it forget it type of experience for your community.

Capture with ConvertKit

You need this course if...

I was so very excited when I first found out I was pregnant, and then the panic set in. As an entrepreneur and business owner, I was overwhelmed with planning for a maternity leave (do entrepreneurs even have such a thing?) and very worried about planning for time off with our new baby. Emilia was the voice of reason and breath of fresh air that I needed! I cannot overstate how incredibly helpful it is to speak with someone who has already walked the path (twice!) of juggling new motherhood with business ownership. She is a wealth of knowledge, inspiration and all things work/mom life. Her candid, no BS approach is exactly what I needed to make sure I am as prepared as I can be before the baby's arrival. Cannot recommend her and this course enough!

Miranda Rodriguez, Marketing for the Uninhibited

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Prep for the Expected Unexpected includes ...

I really appreciate your efforts and advice through this experience of mine. I’ll definitely be sending any of my industry peers your way. Not only do you do a great job of the work you do but you very much care about your clients and their experience.

- Katie D'Souza, Bridal hair Toronto

Thanks for the video Also, thank you again for everything - seriously you are such a pleasure to work with and I will always highly recommend your services to everyone I talk to. You made this project so fun and I'm so happy with the results.

- Candace Alongi, CAYO Jewelry


Hi, I'm Emilia! 👋🏼

Hey there! I’m Emilia, and a few years ago, I discovered I was pregnant with my first child (yay – she’s four now) but with that excitement came a LOT of fear – I knew I wanted to take time off work and be home with my baby but I had no idea how to set myself up for that time away.

It was incredibly tough to navigate this on my own: nobody talks about how challenging it is to prepare for an extended leave. People just kept telling me, “Oh, you’ll figure it out, you always do” but that while it may have been inspiring, it wasn’t helpful at all. I needed practical advice, strategies, and tools to ensure ongoing financial stability while I was away.

Five years later, one more additional baby, one neurodivergent kid and I realized that there must be many others facing similar situations, whether it’s maternity leave or recovery time from surgery or time off to help an ailing parent or loved one.

That’s when the idea for Prep for the Expected Unexpected was born. I wanted to create a resource that would provide tangible guidance and support, nobody has to go through the prep stage – alone.

Get ready for the biggest change of your life with the Prep for the Expected Unexpected Training!

Take charge of your business and be prepared for any extended absence, whether it’s maternity leave, an upcoming surgery or caring for an ailing loved one. Don’t let unexpected events derail your progress. Sign up for Prep for the Expected Unexpected today and empower yourself with the knowledge and resources you need to confidently step away from your business and live the life you’ve built your business for.

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Do you have some questions?

The ConvertKit training is about 90 minutes in full, chopped into separated modules. Each video is organized with chapters you can jump to depending on your needs. You can watch it all in one sitting, pause the video and implement at the same time. 

No, this course is useful no matter how long you’ve been in business. If you want to grow your audience, and figure out how to capture emails, this course will give you more tangible ways and show you how to do that!

The trainings will be available the week of July 10th.

Yes! 100%. There’s no better time than RIGHT NOW to start growing and serving your community with your email list and website and you can setup your ConvertKit account with this course, today.

No, this course shows you how to create the opt-in and setup the sequence to go with it. So as you grow your list, your community members are set up nicely to be able to continue to get emails from you. The logistics behind “how to grow your list” how-tos you may be used to seeing.

The training can be applied to ANY sequence creation you have an idea for, because the way we set them up is the same, and that’s what I go over in this course.

This training shows you how to set up your ConvertKit account with any website or platform you’re on or manage (think: WordPress, Shopify, SquareSpace or other). The training is primarily on ConvertKit, which is integrated with any website platform. We will show embedding an opt-in with WordPress, but the equivalent will be available in any platform you’re using.

Because of the digital nature and quick-action of the course, there will be NO REFUNDS for this training. You can check out our terms and conditions policies for all our products here.

The Summer School bundle is an opportunity for you to get massive savings for the summer on 8 (EIGHT) brand new trainings being released every week.

Please send us an email at [email protected] and I’ll be happy to connect!

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