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Launch a Shopify Lite store in less than 90 minutes to sell your products on your current website.

Finding your way through Shopify's interface can feel like a full-time job ... but this workshop will shed light on the inner workings of this incredibly powerful e-commerce platform

Space is extremely limited, so save your spot today!

We’re still navigating a weird territory and need to get our shops out there faster, easier and this option allows us to create a shop, effectively and beautiful. Shopify just functions so well but can be too bulky for a lot of service based businesses.

My signature WP Website Academy course sells for $997 and includes lifetime access to updates, monthly Q+A calls, and ongoing support in our private Facebook Group.

but you can join me for this live workshop AND get to keep the recordings for life for just:

$99 USD

Tuesday, January 26 at 1PM EST



The workshop will be held live over one 90-120 minutes session on Tuesday, January 26th at 1PM EST/ 10AM PST.

Can’t make it? You’ll have unlimited access to the replay and prep-work course and videos.


Number of Products is up to you, but the more products the more confusing the embedding will be – this is perfect for a complementary e-commerce section of a regular service-based website.


Our private Demio room. The link will be emailed to you prior to the first session. No downloads required!

shopify on wordpress πŸ‘‡

shopify on wordpress πŸ‘‡

shopify on wordpress πŸ‘‡

Examples provided on WordPress but this workshop can be
taken by anyone with a website
–Β no matter what platform you’re on.Β 

launch your store in 4 easy steps





Hey, I'm Emilia Farrace, and I'll be your Shopify Lite cruise director for the workshop!

Anyone who’s worked with me or taken my courses will tell you the same thing: I do NOT preach the B.S. that’s out there about how easy creating websites from scratch are.

Creating a website, never mind a shop add-on, is not easy – otherwise we’d all have one instead of relying on social media to sell our services out there.

Navigating all the website options available is tricky business, plain and simple.

But I’ve made it my entire job to totally demystify websites and help you leverage your website and sell your products as part of an effective and profitable business strategy.

A Few people who can vouch for learning from me:

In case you’re wondering:

"What if I'm not a website newbie? Or what if I want training that goes more in-depth and stays up to date?"


  • Setting up a new website from scratch and then adding Shopify to it
  • Setting up a FULL Shopify store (we’re using Shopify Lite in this workshop)
  • Going through your products, pricing and descriptions (this is up to you)
  • Creating a strategy around blending your shop and your current website together
  • Designing a logo, brand or choosing colors for your current website OR Shopify Lite store
  • Organizing your products in collections and dealing with inventory
  • Marketing techniques for promoting the store after you launch
  • How to get customers or clients if you’re struggling or just getting started πŸ‘ˆπŸ‘ˆ πŸ‘ˆΒ  if this is you, you’re welcome to join us for the workshop and learn about Shopify Lite, but we won’t be covering “how to make sales” strategies.

And here’s the rest of the fine print, which I’m making quite large because I always want to be completely upfront with you:

No refunds for this workshop will be granted for any reason. Space is lImited, which means that if you decide to take one of the spots, it’s yours even if you do not attend.

Because the session will be recorded, and you receive pre-recorded prep work, you’ll still learn a ton from watching the recording several months after the live workshop is over!

Another thing – an important feature of Shopify Lite’s Buy Button is the setting up the button on your CURRENT website. You need to know how to embed an HTML code on your website’s platform.Β I will be teaching you how to do that on WordPress, SquareSpace, Wix and Weebly.

However, every website (and platform) uses a different template and placement of the HTML code block may be different than my examples. It would be helpful to come prepared understanding where to add HTML code to your website pages.

If you're not really sure whether this workshop is right for you, reach out to us at [email protected] and someone will get back to you ASAP

Make the next dollar you spend on improving your website actually have a positive impact on your business. Join me for this live workshop for just:

$99 USD

And mark this date on your calendar:

Tuesday, January 26th at 1PM

Session should be about 90 minutes with extra time for Q+A


⁉ But I've already tried Shopify, and it was a flop.

This workshop is a chance to understand exactly what options are available to you using Shopify Lite and your current website. You’ll probably discover exactly why your last attempt didn’t work out and how to start again – but this time – launch!

⁉ Do I need to be at the live session? Can I just do the prep work?

I’ll be presenting different material in the live workshop than the prep material so you’ll need to attend the live and complete the prep work for you to have all instructions of creating and embedding your Shopify Lite store into your current website.

⁉ Can you guarantee this is going to increase my customer base if I add a shop to my current website?

Nope, sorry! What I can promise, however, is that you walk away from this workshop with a clear understanding of how to diversify your products and services for your website and create new ways and opportunities to generate income for yourself and business.

⁉ What if I'm not happy with the workshop? Can get my money back?

Because of the limited number of spots in the workshop and the reduced price for this truly hands-on training, no refunds will be granted. If you’re not sure if Shopify Lite is a good fit for your business, either now or in the future get in touch and I’ll gve you my personal opinion about whether or not you’ll benefit from the workshop.

⁉ What kind of business owner will benefit the most from the workshop?

The materials I’ll be teaching live are useful for a lot of different types of business owners: service providers (coaches, consultants, hair salons, stylists, copywriters, virtual assistants) who are looking to add a few digital or physical products.

You should only sign up for the course if youΒ already have a functional website on WordPress, SquareSpace, Wix or Weebly.

⁉ What's the difference between this workshop and the other's you've done, or the WP Website Academy? I can't decide which one to sign up for.

My course WP Website Academy is a perfect course if you’re new to websites or looking to rebrand a current website you have.Β 

My course goes through in detail how to strategize the best way to attract the right clients, design templates and create the best site for your target audience.

This workshop is about getting digital or physical products available on your website as quickly as possible so you can start selling via another income stream.

If you love this workshop and want to continue working with me on your website, you’ll receive a special invitation to join WP Website Academy.Β 

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