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Here's how the Week is Going to Go...

5 Days of FREE lessons, action steps, guidance and coaching …

DAY ONE: Your website’s overall goal, and clarifying your message

We’ll go through crafting your overall website goals, strategy and why that’s important. We’ll discover who your ideal client actually is, and what they need to see on your website to know you’re the one for them.

DAY TWO: The must-have content you need to dramatically increase your conversions

Biggest challenge we see with our clients is WHAT information should be included on the website? We go through all the required pages you need on your site, and what should go ON them on day two of the free challenge.

DAY THREE: Magnetic professional design that speaks to your ideal client

We’ll figure out what brand and website look will work for your ideal client and the best tips and tricks in the industry to appeal to website visitors looking to book their next service provider or coach.

DAY FOUR: 3 proven customer journey layout techniques you can add immediately

Common reasons website visitors bounce from your website without actually engaging in anything – they don’t know where to go after they land on your homepage. We take everything we’ve learned and map out the content, images, your brand for every page of your website.Β 

DAY FIVE: The one tech tool that makes implementing these strategies a breeze on your website

You’ll learn how to build your own website (no tech skills required) with all the details and tools you’ll need to connect everything so it’s working seamlessly on launch day (and beyond).

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Hi, I'm Emilia! πŸ‘‹πŸΌ

Over the last 20 years, our team has worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs, small business owners and freelancers from around the world, helping to build their brands, websites and online businesses so they can do what they were meant to do in this world, and make money doing it.

My mission is to help you take control of your online presence, create the website of your dreams and have the success you deserve.

I help entrepreneurs create their own WordPress websites in WP Website Academy or take you through the process with our done for you Website Concierge program.

Ready to build the right website for your clients?

Make more progress in this one week than you’ve made all year!

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