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As a new-ish solopreneur or business owner, getting clients and making sales is the #1 thing you should be focusing on in your business – but how if you have no presence, website or information on what you’re selling??

WP Website Academy will walk you through how to get your WordPress website up and running quickly and beautifully! Enter your email now for a discount on this fantastic program!

You know you need to have a website, but you’re feeling stuck, overwhelmed and distracted by all the options.

All the WordPress themes you’ve seen don’t really get you or your business and look way too complicated to set up on your own. 


You’ve already spent hours Googling trying to figure this out for yourself. Can you can get some HUMAN help, please?

You don’t know WHAT exactly is supposed to go ON your website to help you make sales. Tutorials you’ve found are too confusing to understand.

I've got you

If you don't have an easy guideline and roadmap to follow when creating your website - it's easy to lose motivation and get stuck.

You might end up…

  • Starting your website and leaving it hanging for month – or years!

  • Picking the wrong platform or tools for you.

  • Focusing on your brand being perfect instead of launching.

  • Hiring a designer before your business is ready

Without support, it’s difficult to make any progress with your website at all!

That's why I created WP Website Academy, an online website roadmap to creating a strategic website that converts - WP theme included!

Pop your email in below to get on the waiting list and start getting your website strategy together quickly beforehand!

    "The Academy was so well laid out and you taught us step-by-step and I never thought I’d be able to build anything on WordPress"

    - Maria B. coach + consultant

    You don't need to be tech-savvy, know what should go where or learn how to code to create a great website. If our current and past students can do it, so can you!



    Jam knew she needed a website, but had no time to figure it out - now she has a website that showcases her important work and how to reach her!



    Kait tackled her re-designed blog in record time, using our Eve style she was able to update her existing blog website in less than 2 weeks!

    “It’s crazy once you get it -it all makes so much sense now!”
    – Kait Rees, Realtor and Influencer



    Bianca moved her site over from Weebly to WordPress, used the Hannah theme style and the page templates in the course to set everything up in 4 weeks!

     “I can DO anything with my website and now I know how. I have the power to change anything I need, create a page, sales page – I had none of this before.”
    – Dr. Bianca Drennan, Naturopathic Doctor



    Ashley used our brand kits, page templates and the hannah theme style - came to our coaching calls and learned wordpress

    “Now that I’ve hit publish I don’t feel like it’s a block in the middle of the road anymore, I can do other things in my business.”
    – Ashley Abbott, Executive Business Coach

    I'm emilia farrace, your instructor

    When I started my business in 2010, I had no idea what I was doing online, no network, no direction. Since then, a LOT has changed. At Launch It Co. we’ve helped over 1000+ people start and maintain their online businesses, hobbies, brick and mortar storefronts so owners can be in control of their income, freedom and stability in this unpredictable world.

    ✔️  I co-created a responsive WordPress theme with all the features and tech requirements I know websites need to convert visitors into clients.

    ✔️ I created and launched our DIY WordPress website course and helped tons of students and hundreds of clients launch their strategic websites.

    These days, I help entrepreneurs like you create your own WordPress websites or take you through the process with our done for you Website Concierge program.

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