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Our Approach to Diversity and Inclusion

We are committed to supporting and celebrating our diverse client base and team of partners and contractors. Our goal is to create a safe, inclusive community for all.


we are inclusive.

We understand and celebrate multiple points of view, ways of learning, ways of being, and always strive to create a safe, welcoming and understanding environment for all. Including and not limited to: LGBTQiA, BIPOC and those with Physical and Invisible Disabilities.

we are involved.

We are committed to being involved in our community (offline) and active members of society, bringing what we learn and experience to people and the systems we’re a part of. In short: We don’t just on social media about what we’re doing because we’re busy doing it. 

we are learning.

We read books. We take classes and workshops. We listen to people when they share their experiences. We help and contribute to communities around us, and online. We foster growth with experience.

We make mistakes, and we take a breath.

We’re simply not perfect. We’re learning how to navigate this big world and adult-ing and it’s not easy. It wasn’t easy for our ancestors. It’s not going to be easy for our children. 

We are making progress, and with new progress, there are new oppressions. We know there will be mistakes as we learn and implement, as we try and adopt new systems in society. When mistakes are made, we take a breath. We truly wish everyone would take a breath when mistakes are made, but understand that isn’t possible because everyone comes at a situation with a different level of personal experience and a different level of personal trauma.

We make space. We discuss. We can disagree. We learn from those we agree with. We learn from those we don’t.

niagara children's centre

Devoted to our children, we have chosen to support the Niagara Children’s Centre with a portion of our profits every year. We have a personal connection to Niagara Children’s Centre and wish to continue to support and help them with the services they provide to children in the community and beyond.

a senior wish

Senior Wish Association is an entirely volunteer run registered charity. Our volunteers are our backbone and are directed by the board of directors.

The Launch It Co. is honoured to donate our time to updating and promoting the website for A Senior Wish.

rising tide society

Transitioning to a nonprofit entity allows Rising Tide to explore more avenues for funding through things like fundraising, grants, scholarships, sponsorships and creative collaborations and partnerships. We believe that there are going to be immense opportunities for events, resources, educational and training opportunities and more for our entire community to benefit from.

As a founding Board Member, Emilia is committed to advising the Board, Committees and membership on opportunities to create community strength for resources, education and other initiatives typically reserved for larger for-profit corporations and their employees. A rising tide lifts all boats.

Other contributions we've been a part of and believe in

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