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Are you ready to stand out from the crowd and showcase your expertise within your brilliantly strategic website?

My official B-School Bonus Experience is designed with you and your website dreams in mind. Join Marie Forleo’s B-School today through my special link below and you’ll automatically be enrolled in my exclusive bonus: Launch Your Site NOW: The strategic, easy-to-use, one page website designed to convert visitors into customers.

Clarity for your business + training = results

Do you know you want to launch your business but feeling stuck on how to do it? Where to start? And where to turn to next?

Marie Forleo's B-School and my exclusive bonus is the support plan you need to finally launch your business.

There’s a saying that “it takes a village” because it’s true. Launching a business is hard. Launching a business with no support is even harder. I know, because I did it. 

It’s tough to start when you’re confused about what to do next but I’m here to tell you – you’ve got this. With the training you receive in B-School and my one-on-one help + website template, you’ll be ready to launch in no time. 

And I’ll be cheering you on, every step of the way.

Once I started working through B-School and learning about all the strategies taught in the program, I saw dramatic shifts in my business, my revenues and quality in the consultations I was booking.

The more I implemented, the more success I started to see. Even my clients were seeing the benefits because I was able to transfer my knowledge into the projects we were creating together.

How am I connected to Marie?

After completing B-School in 2015, every year, I reviewed the content and made sure I remained clear on my goals and profit plan I’d set out my first run of the program. I learned, communicated with other B-Schoolers in the program and started connecting with the community.

In 2019 I was asked to be a B-School tech mentor and was welcomed by Marie and the whole team. It’ll be my third run as a mentor and earlier this year, I just updated the WordPress training bonus for the entire program. In fact, my full website WordPress course is backed by the B-School team and is recommended as an official partner.

When you join Marie Forleo's B-School you'll learn about:

My B-School Bonus:
Launch Your Website NOW

I know how overwhelming starting and running a business can be – especially at the beginning. One of the scariest things for people is the whole tech aspect – and that’s where I come in. 

As a bonus student, you’ll receive:

It's time to launch your business and website.

Good news! Marie, the B-School team and I are ready to help you clarify and launch your business goals.

I want to invite you to an exclusive opportunity to learn about your business, AND get your website launched ASAP to start booking clients.

Launch Your Website NOW is a complementary support series to help you get clear on your website goals, get inspired and take action to launch your website quickly and confidently.

When you join my live sessions, you’ll get behind the scenes information on businesses within multiple industries, strategies and processes that can help your business succeed.

I’ll be going through what works (and what doesn’t) on a website and even providing you with a beautiful, conversion-focused website design to implement on your platform of choice.

BONUS: If you’re on WordPress you’ll be able to take my templates and implement it straight away on your website.

What to expect from your Launch Your Website NOW Bonus


During our group strategy sessions, get clear on the B-School material, your website and overall business strategy.

*Replays included!

a one-page website

There are SO MANY things on your plate right now, learning the tech behind a new website is probably a bit scary.

Choose from my collection of one-page strategic website templates on WordPress built for conversions so you can launch fast.

Personalized Site Review

Not sure you’ve hit the mark on your new site? Get personalized, actionable feedback to improve the clarity of your offers.

This review will be recorded and sent to you so you can review it on your own time, and keep to refer back to.


Tech Setup + WP Starter Kit

Setup your domain, hosting and email with my easy to follow mini-PDF course and learn the five simple things you need on your website.


Strategic Websites that Sell

Does your website make these common mistakes that repel visitors from clicking BOOK NOW? Workshop includes bonus worksheet.

I am so excited to offer this new and never before offered bonus. During our time together, you’ll not only have unfiltered insights to the Launch It strategy and design process, you’ll also get your very own template to use to guide your own Launch It Now website.

I'm ready, let's do this!

We're here for you and standing by to support you as you decide!

Have questions? I've got answers!

Me and the team at The Launch It Co. have been called customer service powerhouses. We do this because we care about our students and the success of all our clients.

This is not a buy it and be forgotten situation. When you enroll with me and The Launch It Co., you’re becoming a member of our community. To help you make your choice, I’ll be on standby to support you with any need that arises during the open cart period.

To make things even easier, check out the FAQs for your review.

Do you need something answered but don’t see it below? Just get in touch with any questions you have and we’ll be get back to you ASAP.


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, 100%!

The bonus you get for joining through my link is complementary to the bonuses and curriculum you get in the B-School program. In fact, my bonus has been entirely designed to match the B-School curriculum and the templates you get match the info you’re taught in the program.

You just need to fill in the blank. 

You’ll get all the details about the bonus, live sessions with me and the templates after you enroll. 

Templates will be made available to students after Module 2 in the program (the website module) so you can start creating your website right after you’ve learned what should go ON your website 🙂


I want you to launch your website no matter what platform you’re on. I can give you my reasons for using WordPress, but ultimately you can join my bonus and still have a website on another platform.

You will NOT be able to use the one-page website template as is, as it was built for WordPress users. You may, however, use the design provided and create it yourself on your platform of choice.


You’ll have forever-access to the website templates using the Elementor Page Templates (using their free version).

You’ll have recordings to our live sessions available in the student area and every year you’ll be welcome to re-join the bonus strategy sessions.

It’s very simple, but precise. 

You must enroll into B-School using my affiliate link on this page once doors are open on July 20 (and your enroll before July 29!).

You’ll automatically be tracked as someone who should be receiving my bonus for signing up for B-School.


Need some additional help walking through the B-School enrolment process? Contact the Marie Forleo B-School team directly at [email protected]

If I know anything, I know this:

Having a website is putting the seal of professionalism on your business. People will have somewhere to go, to look, to trust. But just having a website launched doesn’t mean it’ll be effective in getting business.

Even though I had a business creating websites, when I went through B-School in 2015, I realized how much I still had to learn about websites. We’ll never stop learning.

Join Marie Forleo’s B-School today and you’ll automatically be enrolled into my brand new, never offered before LIVE BONUS: Launch Your Website NOW: The strategic, easy-to-use, one page website designed to convert visitors into customers.

There’s never been a better time to go after what you want, take charge and start the business you’ve been dreaming of.  You’ll have a whole team of people cheering you on as you go along. Are you ready to #FigureItOut and launch already?

Join the 2021 Marie Forleo B-School Program today!

When you enroll in Marie Forleo’s B-School program through my affiliate link, I’ll receive a commission. This is one reason I devoted time and energy into creating the bonus you’ll be receiving and promoting the program, because your business and website success is important to me. 

I am a mentor in the B-School program and took the program myself in 2015. I have experienced the results of the program and while I cannot guanrantee your results will mimic mine, or anyone else’s, I can help you focus on what will make YOUR business and website shine, so you can achieve your own goals and successes.


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