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Have you ever heard of Planoly? They are an Instagram scheduler platform that was started in 2016 by Brandy Pham. I had the pleasure of meeting her at a Create and Cultivate conference when they’d first launched and this company will forever hold a special place in my heart because of that meeting.

It’s funny that I’m mentioning it today because I don’t actually post on Instagram a super ton, but when I do, I love using their interface to help me plan out what’s to come for my feed and posts.

Anyway, I wanted to share this email I got from them about a new add-on service they have: A monthly content subscription that includes templates AND captions to help you plan out your feed.

Um, amazing.

I get asked the question a lot about Instagram, social media in general, and balancing the act of showing up online versus focusing on the website.

My answer is always the same: Both are important, both work together, utilize the same content in both these spaces for maximum impact.

I haven’t posted much work-related content on my Instagram @emiliadoesstuff lately because I’ve been doing just that: STUFF. And I’ve been enjoying this STUFF and having fun with it.

I will say I’m feeling the urge to be more “share-y” as of late so when I saw this email – I got excited.

I thought you might too.

If you indulge, and snag a content subscription, let me know what you think – and remember to always include a call to action in your captions/posts. A call to action to DO SOMETHING – that doesn’t necessarily mean pay you for something.

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